Kiss Your Age Goodbye is a personal fitness consulting studio specializing in reversing the affects of aging by using tried and proven methods of specific mild exercises and responsible eating.

By the age of 45 and overweight by 50 pounds, MJ was paralyzed by feelings of hopelessness and futility, M.J. was well aware that she was quickly sliding backwards down the slope of American middle-aged resignation -- always tired, disinterested, comforting herself with junk food to avoid the pain of merely existing as an empty shell of her former, youthful, vibrant self.

After a close friend continued to convince MJ to get her life and health in order she was given the opportunity to meet Mr. Michael Abrums and became a client.  After 8+ years as a client Mike was the inspiration that guided MJ to where she is today.  

MJ immersed herself into her training - educating herself, listening and learning, studying anatomy, searching daily for information about nutrition and health enhancing habits of how to exercise, stand, walk, sit, and breath.

All the while her body was reshaping itself. Her complexion cleared and her skin tightened as the cellulite vanished. Even her facial features were lifting and growing noticeably firmer. She noticed that even her hair and nails were growing healthier.

M.J. began working with a few acquaintances in her home in Louisville, KY. Within a year, it was obvious that she was consistently getting great results. The word was out and in January 2003, she opened the KYAG Studio in Prospect, KY.

A few years later, M.J. opened a second studio in Beverly Hills and furthered her commitment to the science of helping people be their best.

KYAG continues to grow and M.J. stays very busy with clients in KY and CA. 

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Beverly Hills, California