“ I teach a practical method of food selection, moderate exercises specific to your goals and a self-affirming attitude toward your health and appearance which will begin peeling away the years in a very short time. Most of my clients are amazed at the results they get even within the first three weeks.”

Healthy youthful vitality is no accident. By learning how your body processes and uses the various foods you eat and what type and how much exercise will give your body the shape you want, you will soon be living in the healthy youthful body of your dreams.”


"I was ready to reclaim my youthful look.  It was time to get back on a healthy track for myself and my family.”

"Finally after several weeks of avoiding my daughter trying to get me to workout with MJ, I set up an appointment.

Once I did, I WAS HOOKED AND WAS SO AMAZED AT HOW EASY IT WAS!”  I have been with MJ now going on 5 years."

"I am very active and yet my body looked out of shape until now, my youthful and athletic look is back to stay.”

"I felt bad, looked bad, and 3 bottles of wine a week was not helping the way I felt.  So I decided to make a change, it has been wonderful and I feel it reduced my age 10 to 15 years.”

"I had been unhappy with my weight for many years so I decided it was time to make a healthy change for myself.”

"I was unhappy with my weight and did not like how I looked.  I tried several diet programs and saw no solid results.  After meeting MJ and seeing the changes in her, I knew this was my last chance to get myself healthy and feel good. 

I am going on 10 years with MJ’s program, it works, and I am determined to stay young and live forever!”

"I had issues with my waist and body size.  I could never tone or lose the extra pounds.  Now I am on my way!”

"I was sick and tired of feeling unhealthy and I certainly did not like shopping for clothes at the BIG MAN’S stores. 

I was ready to make a healthy lifestyle change and it has changed my life forever!  Thank you to my wife.”

"I started to become unhappy with my weight and realized I needed to get my life back and under control.”

It is much easier to maintain health
than it is to cure a disease!
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M.J. Diebold