Beverly Hills, California

The Importance of Vibration

I have been incorporating Vibration Exercise into my methods at KYAG for the past 5 years. It has proven to significantly quicken the results of regular exercise.

Vibration stresses the muscles just like regular exercise, but does it very rapidly - dozens of times per second.

Vibration can be applied to the whole body at once or in concentrated areas for shaping and toning specific muscle groups. Among the benefits of vibration exercise are:

•  Quick results by using the body's involuntary reflex to contract muscles

•  Improves blood circulation

•  Increases bone density

•  Lowers blood pressure

•  Increases flexibility

•  Increases range of motion

•  Improves muscle strength

•  Aids in recovering of injury

Aging is NOT the Problem

Most people believe aging is what causes the body to change its shape. In reality, it is inactivity or misuse of certain muscles, along with poor nutrition, that is the main culprit. As adults, we become lulled into more sedentary lifestyles. The muscles supporting our joints and bones become weak or atrophied. Then gravity takes over and our body’s loosely joined framed begins to droop.

Most people, due to the type of work they do, excess body weight or improper exercise, have overly developed muscles in some areas of the body and weak underused muscles in others.

With a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology, I develop balanced individualized programs of exercise which strengthen and restore the muscle necessary for maintaining correct posture and a youthful shape. Our equipment is state of the art and chosen specifically for the KYAG methodology.

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