You have to ‘buy it’ before you can eat it . . .

A trip to the grocery or the market is much more important than you might think.

You 'absolutely-positively' have to be a 'Selective Shopper'.

Don't be tempted to buy the unhealthy foods around you.  

Shop Healthy . . . Eat Healthy . . . Live Healthy

I like to shop at Farmers Markets as often as I can.

(see my list of Louisville, KY Farmers Markets in my ‘MJ’s Blog’ section -

A Beverly Hills list is coming soon).


• Buy fresh and organic.  

• If it's in a box or a bag . . . don't buy it. (Nuts are one of the few exceptions)

• When possible, shop at your local 'Farmer's Market'.

• Avoid produce that has 'labels' on it.


Beverly Hills, California

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