Who ever said health wasn’t eye-catching?


In our modern world it can be difficult to reach our natural health potential.  It can be difficult to monitor the food we are consuming, find the time to exercise daily, or even choose the right nutritional and exercise advice.


Once again, M.J. Diebold and her Kiss Your Age Goodbye training centers have the answer.


KYAG is now offering a 3 program series that covers the 3 elements to a healthy lifestyle, one program for each element, and they connect.  This series has been developed to help people of all ages and health conditions attain better health.


ThinKyag (program #1)


ThinKyag (Think Thin), the first program in the series is devoted to personal fitness training and how to think about health, the connections between the body and mind, exercising the body and brain, and visualization techniques that actually improve diet and exercise results.


This course in detail:


Food For Thought - Which foods improve mental clarity and brain function?  M.J. has the answers!


Heal-Thy Recipes - M/J/’s very own hand picked recipes that show how eating to improve your brain can also satisfy your tongue.


Train Your Brain - Tried and true “workout” techniques that make your gray matter more muscular.


Exercise Visualization - How to improve workout results and see drastic physical improvements in a much shorter time by focusing your thoughts on your muscles.


Personal Fitness - How to train your body through exercise that benefits your mind.


• Many more useful tips, tricks, and solid advice on how to unlock the power of your brain.

ANGEL (program #2)


Part 2 in the series is called ANGEL (And Now Go Exercise Love).  This program is designed to change the way one thinks about physical fitness and exercise in order to incorporate it into everyday life.  If you dread working out, are unsure about how to exercise properly, or think that you just don’t have the time, don’t miss this program.


Highlights of ANGEL include:


Daily Exercise in Daily Tasks - Learn how to get some effective exercise while accomplishing other tasks such as cleaning the house, working at the office or even while surfing the Internet!


Working Out Right - How to get more exercise in less time by utilizing M.J.’s proprietary techniques and yes your workout time efficiently.


Exercise is a Lifestyle - Learn to turn your revulsion for exercise into a passionate need, painlessly.


Cardio or No? - M.J. debunks all the exercise myths and separates fact from fiction to give a clear vision on what works and why.


Fitness For You - Instruction on how to build a customized exercise program that is right for you and your needs.  No cookie-cutter classes here!

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Beverly Hills, California

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THE SELECTIVE EATER ® (program #3)


The Selective Eater® is that third and final educational program in KYAG’s series, and focuses on sound nutritional advice, recipes, preparing food and cooking techniques.  This information rich program is a must for anyone confused about all the trendy diets that bombard us in magazines, television and even by so called “professionals”.  Based on eating the right foods in the right amounts, and at the right times.


The Selective Eater® program will have you looking and feeling better immediately through our consulting services.


Also covered:


Diet Myths Debunked - M.J. clears the table on all the fad diets-of-the year and instructs you on how to make sensible nutritional choices for you and your family through its food recipe books and nutritional instruction sheets.


Eat Better, Feel Better - This section sheds light on foods have an effect on your looks, your mood, your body, and why.


Shop Locally, Eat Healthily - Where to buy the right foods and how to prepare them without all the hassle of trial and error.


Dine Out With Dignity - Which restaurants serve health conscious foods and instruction on how to eat healthy in an restaurant, anywhere.


Diet is a 4 letter Word - This section will change the way you feel about “diets” and show how the word is misused every day.

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