Who ever said health wasn’t eye-catching?


Not us! 

Here at Kiss Your Age Goodbye, we know it is.

And we're giving our clients at KYAG, LLC the chance to prove it, and a chosen few will receive an award for their efforts at a special event as a result of

our personal fitness training. 

What kind of award?  An award for great health and bodies, of course!

We are now accepting nominations. This contest is open to anyone and will be divided into categories based on gender and age.


Anatomy Awards categories Include:


• Best Male Body

• Best Female Body

• Most Improved

• Best Health

• Best Skin

• And Many More

Wanna enter?  You've earned it . . . now show it off!

• Selective Eating     • Breakfast     • Lunch     • Dinner     • Eating Out     • Shopping     • Snacks

Beverly Hills, California

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