Oftentimes nature provides remedies for common ailments and detoxing agents in the form of foods. Mixed together in the right combination, these dishes can heal.  MJ Diebold instructs you how to take advantage of what nature has to offer us in the Heal-Thy program. Heal-Thy, which includes a series of these healing recipes, is just one of several personalized programs offered at her Kiss Your Age Goodbye (KYAG) training facilities, created to teach anyone the art and science of healthy living.

Heal-Thy is an educational course program developed by nutritional expert and health guru MJ Diebold, to address diet, health, nutrition, fitness and food preparation concerns.  This "hands-on" instructional course provides recipe books, meal preparation and cooking classes, and education on how to select the proper foods, exercise correctly, and to make the vital connection between the body and mind.

At KYAG, knowledgeable nutrition coupled with appropriate exercise yields predictable and measurable results.  As part of the Heal-Thy program, MJ provides individualized personal consultation to each of her clients regarding basic nutritional concepts, evaluation of personal eating habits, and changes that should be made to the client’s diet to assure proper nutrition. 

Another important part of the Heal-Thy program focuses on personal fitness training.  With a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology, MJ develops a balanced individualized program of exercise for each of her clients, which strengthens and restores the muscle necessary for maintaining correct posture and a youthful shape.  Our equipment is state of the art and chosen specifically for success in the Heal-Thy program.

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Beverly Hills, California

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